Traveling Exhibits

Let us bring the experience of our museum to your school or organization.

Traveling Exhibit

In our Traveling Exhibit, the museum will send one of our experienced instructors to conduct informational sessions, interactive workshops, and set up a display of artwork providing students or organization members with an up-close experience with anime art. Topics covered include anime seen on television, video games, comics (manga), and the culture of art forms inspired by anime. We also offer the ability for you to select a topic of anime to be covered. By the end of the session, any student who is an anime artist or is interested in exploring a new craft is invited to join the museum and create an artist page on the Museum website.
Preparing for our Traveling Exhibit is almost effortless. We simply require a room for our presentation, which will include a PowerPoint and wall space to hang a few pieces. Ideally, if the school could provide a projector for our PowerPoint presentation, we would be able to show videos attached to the presentation (requires internet access). This is for the best possible experience for your students. However, without a projector, the presentation will be made much like a lecture. What separates us from typical visiting lecturers is that our goal is to garner student participation. Even if a student doesn’t have direct exposure to anime, it’s a medium as vast as film, with an infinite possibility of genres.
The presentation can be tailored by your school.
  • Option 1: (Recommended) Multiple presentations with rotating students. For example, we can use a classroom for three periods, and each period the students inside can be rotated and the same presentation will be given again. After the school day is over, we’ll stay a little longer so students can ask questions or get more information. The advantage of this method is that the speaker will be able to engage students one-on-one, allowing the students to be an active part of the presentation.
  • Option 2: One large presentation in an assembly hall. This method would mean only one presentation at your specified time.
The presentation will last 45 minutes to an hour. The time can be tailored to the school’s desired length (maximum time being an hour and a half for one lecture), however we request a 45 minute minimum. Depending on the grade level of the students, the verbiage and activities will be catered to their age.

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