Project Inspire

Project Inspire
Did you know that there is more to anime what you see on TV?
Can you guess which of the following choices are being used as creative expressions of anime art?
Cosplay • Giant Robot • Boxed LunchesModel BuildingMascotsStorytellingVoice Acting
Song WritingVideo Game CharactersCrocheted DollsProp MakingCulture Sharing
The answer? All of the above! Despite the multitude of artists submitting some form of anime art online, there is no institution dedicated to teaching the anime art style and preserving its history and culture. The Anime Art Museum is dedicated to playing a leading role in studying, exhibiting, and encouraging appreciation for anime art. The AAM strives to promote the knowledge of the origin of anime in Japanese culture, history, and ideology, and the largest spectrum of anime artists’ achievements at the highest level of quality. To achieve this goal, we are educating and mentoring audiences of all ages in the artistic experience of Japanese anime and it’s accessibility to international cultures. We provide aspiring artists with guidance, exposure, encouragement, and the ability to connect with other like-minded artists who share their interest and to further their study of artistic techniques unique to this art form.
With no outlet to practice and hone their anime drawing abilities, students who draw anime art tend to slip beneath the radar. We are seeking out these students so that we may offer these students the opportunity to explore their options as artists as well as future career seekers. Therefore on behalf of the Anime Art Museum, I cordially invite you, your school, homeschooling associations, and after school programs, to participate in Project Inspire.
PROJECT INSPIRE is an international online art class that was developed by the Anime Art Museum to seek students who may be anime artists and share our unique curriculum with them. Students can look forward to learning the history of anime art, the development of the style over the years, and its integration and influence on American society, comics, cosplay, video games, martial arts, and robot (mecha) illustration.
How is PROJECT INSPIRE different from other art programs?
The AAM has developed a curriculum that provides an exciting course work for students, with a strong focus on student engagement. Anime, manga, and other popular forms of Japanese culture give students an ideal introduction to understanding and appreciating contemporary Japan, opening their minds to global cultures and deepening their appreciation for their own. Other art classes focus on the activities: creating art. We combine the activity with academic learning in order to captivate our students and hone their artistic abilities. Additionally, students signing up for this class will meet other students close in age from different states, or even different countries. The coming together of different cultures and communities will promote intercultural understanding and global friendships. To facilitate this, each class is followed by “After Class Aisatsu” (pronounced: I-sought-Sue), which is a fifteen minute session where we encourage our students to get to know one another and share about themselves and their state or country. Read more about how we are delivering culture here.
How does PROJECT INSPIRE help our students learn anime art?
In the first three sessions, we introduce the history and culture of anime art to the students and assess their interest in the topic. The last two days of the introduction course are dedicated to assessing the artistic level of each student to determine which class would be best suited for their needs should they decide to continue their artistic study. The students spend two days creating work and then submit their drawings to our museum through email or mail.
What is included in PROJECT INSPIRE?
Class sessions include: presentations, videos, and drawing demonstrations. Our lessons combine anime art with thoughtful writing exercises and reading comprehension. We provide each student with a starter drawing kit to accompany their lessons. This kit includes: 12 pages of 5½ x 8 ½ drawing paper (for practice sketching), 6 pages of 8 ½ x 11 drawing paper (students are encouraged to use these pieces for the drawings they wish to send to the museum to determine their class placement or create an artist page), pencils, a plastic white eraser, a travel sized pencil sharpener, and 1 mailing envelope for the student to send their work to be reviewed by our Placement Consultants. We will email the student and their parents a package recommending which class to take in order to get started developing their work, discounted classes, free membership, list of materials they need to start (the art supplies given during the PROJECT INSPIRE can be used for the class they are recommended), and how to enroll. Upon enrollment, the student will be mailed an AAM sketchbook
What is needed on our part to best facilitate these classes?
We ask that the school provide a space for the students to work. Each student needs a computer with an internet connection. We also ask that if possible, the school provide a monitor (teacher, parent, or guidance counselor) to be present for the one-hour class to make sure the student doesn’t have trouble logging in and that they’re paying attention, but also in the event that any behavioral issue should arise.
How is PROJECT INSPIRE integrated into our school’s / student’s schedule?
Over a five (5) week period, we ask for one hour per week for a class, chosen by your parent and student to be done after school with other classmates under the guidance of a monitor or at home with a parent, scheduled at their convenience.
How much does PROJECT INSPIRE cost?
PROJECT INSPIRE has a cost of $45.00 per student which includes:
-Five (5) one-hour-per-week sessions (value $135)
-OTAKU Membership (value $50) with student receiving the AAM Quarterly Newsletter highlighting artists and their work, updates and notifications, and a one year general admission to the Anime Art Museum
-$25 savings credit for classes, purchases or donation to another student.
-AAM Drawing Kit (Value $20)
A total value of $230 representing a $185 savings value


Email with your questions about enrollment!


Note: The Anime Art Museum has scholarships and fundraising programs available for students and organizations.

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