We know we are not alone in wanting to see the goals of the Anime Art Museum come to fruition. We invite everyone to be a part of this extraordinary movement. Below is a list of ways to become involved with the museum. Each opportunity offers positions for volunteering, university level internships*, high school senior projects, and paid positions. If you believe you have skills that could benefit our mission but are not listed below, please contact us anyway!




EVENTS: Interested in sharing your event with our members and students? If you or your organization has an event already created that you would like to offer to our members, we would love to host it so long as it follows our mission. We are looking for films, performers, cosplay fashion shows, workshops, and informative lectures. Each event must be reviewed before receiving confirmation.
HOST A CLASS: While we transition to a new facility and continue to offer our classes online, we would love to continue to offer our group classes to the community. Should you have a space that you would like to use to host an anime art class, we would love to work with you!
HOST A WORKSHOP: Our network of anime professionals continues to grow. With the wide array of anime experts becoming a part of the anime art movement, we want to provide your school, organization, or office with the opportunity to invite one of our professionals to you. Our workshops include a presentation, Q&A session, and an activity for your members.
LEAD A WORKSHOP: Join the anime art movement and share your expertise with our eager community! If you have a space to host a workshop, feel free to get in contact with us and we’ll work together to organize your event!



ADVISORS: If you have professional experience in museum practices, anime academia (including Japanese culture studies), or any other expertise you feel could further our museum, we invite you to join our advisory board.
ANIME ART INSTRUCTORS: Our mission started by focusing on 2-D illustration and has now evolved into the complete embodiment of the anime art world. We are seeking instructors for all the courses we provide. Take a look at our “classes” page and should you be interested in becoming an instructor, contact us with your resume and the class you wish to teach.
ANIME ARTISTS: As an anime artist, there are many ways to become involved with the museum. We encourage anime artists to take advantage of our free artist page, which is posted to the website for all to see. Creating an artist page puts you in rotation to be featured on the front page of our website and all of our social media accounts. In addition, anime artists can become mentors, instructors, presenters, and can also gain experience by being a part of our many illustration projects.
CLASSES: We provide a variety of classes to extend the reach and understanding of anime art and culture. Visit our “classes” page for a full list of subjects offered at the museum.
CONTRIBUTE: Do you have any academic research papers, lectures, publications, or presentations focusing on anime? Have you made an anime art tutorial or written advice for anime artists? Do you have any academic research papers, lectures, publications, or presentations focusing on anime? Have you made an anime art tutorial or written advice for anime artists? Thinking about donating your artwork? We would be honored to give your contribution a forever home on our website and within facility.
DONATIONS: There are many ways to donate to the museum. We accept donations in the form of artwork, Ani-MADE creations, collectables, and more. If you have something you would like to donation to the museum, please do not hesitate to contact us. Additionally, consider donating to our PayPal.
EVENT COORDINATORS: As part of our outreach efforts, we continue to design and plan community events. Our Event Coordinators can expect to plan a unique event or direct one of ours (Ani-MEETs, Traveling Exhibit, School Visit, Workshops, etc.).
FUNDRAISING: Help build our community museum by leading efforts in raising funds for our museum programs. Click here to view our needs.
GRANT WRITING: We are seeking experienced grant writers for the research, drafting, completion and submission of grant proposals.
GRAPHIC DESIGN: Those with experience in graphic design are greatly needed to create the layout and production designs for brochures, fliers, newsletters, and e-newsletter sent via email to those who have signed up on our mailing list.
LEAD A WORKSHOP: Join the anime art movement and share your expertise with our eager community! In our facility, we will be ready to accommodate your presentation slides and activities.
MARKETING: By helping us from a marketing standpoint, you would be creating methods to reach those who want to join our mission.
MEMBERSHIP: When you become a member, your membership fee goes directly to funding our educational programs. This includes the purchasing of more materials so that our students can use them for free, sponsoring an artist, developing new programs, and more.
OUTREACH: Our outreach program involves contacting organizations and schools who may be interested in taking advantage of our programs. We also focus on reaching out to students and artists who may want to take a class, create an artist page, give a lecture, host a workshop, or simply become connected with our network.
PATRONS: The Anime Art Museum relies on its vital partnership with the corporate community to provide a foundation of operating support. Join us in providing the global community access, development, learning and appreciation for the world of anime art.
PRESENTERS FOR THE TRAVELING EXHIBITS: We have prepared our Traveling Exhibit and Presentation so that it may be conducted by an energetic presenter with a history of watching anime and a current familiarity with anime culture. Presenters will travel to schools and organizations to give our presentation on anime art, lead a Q&A session, and conduct an interactive drawing workshop with their audience. Artist experience preferred.
PROGRAMMING AND SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT: With the development of our Next-Gen Museum Software, we are seeking experienced programmers who can help bring the online, click-to-play, intuitive interface of the NGS to life, making our gallery and educational resources available worldwide.
PRODUCTION COORDINATOR: For our videography, we are looking for someone who has experience storyboarding, recording, managing lighting, and editing videos. This will include recording of lessons to be posted online, event recording, and any promotional videos we create that will help spread our message of comprehensive anime learning for all. This can also include event and cosplay photography.
PUBLIC RELATIONS: Those with public relations experience are needed to work on composing media releases and aid in raising funds for the AAM.
RESEARCH: A large part of our mission is to organize and catalogue anime art and culture. To accomplish this, we need researches to help us keep a finger on the pulse of the anime world. Researchers can expect to locate and collect academic materials to be made available through our museum as well.
SOCIAL MEDIA: Anime Artists flourish by sharing their art on social media sites. We want to create a central location for artists to garner the exposure they need to move forward on their art journey. We are starting this monumental task by dedicating our social media feeds to sharing those artists and their work to our followers. In addition, we are seeking news articles about anime that bring to light the many ways anime flourish outside of the TV screen (such as crossing over into musical theater, live-action film, tourism, and so on).
WEBSITE MANAGER: As the museum continues to grow, the task of maintaining the website becomes greater. We are seeking someone with website management experience for fixing website bugs as they arise, creating artist pages, and monitoring our growth in visitors and international reach.

Contact us to get involved!



*It should be noted that the use of the work created by the intern depends entirely on the quality of work. The intern will receive instruction and guidance throughout the process of the project they are assigned.

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