Mission Statement

The Anime Art Museum’s mission is to play a leading role in studying, exhibiting, and encouraging appreciation for anime art. In addition, the museum strives to promote and nurture knowledge of anime art and its roots in Japanese culture, history, and ideology, as well as build the largest spectrum of anime artists’ achievements at the highest level of quality.

To achieve this goal, the Anime Art Museum will educate and mentor audiences of all ages in the artistic experience of Japanese anime and it’s accessibility to international cultures, histories, and philosophies, and to provide aspiring artists with encouragement, exposure, and the ability to connect with other like-minded artists who share their interest in anime and to further their study of artistic techniques unique to this art form.



The following highlights express the essence of the Anime Art Museum.

– Spearhead the anime art movement through educational programs and exhibits
– Provide mentoring and exposure for anime artists
– Create learning opportunities for each facet of anime art
– Build a community of like-minded individuals who will work
together towards the advancement of the art form

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