In Japan, an anime artist has the opportunity to grow through a “mentor/apprentice” style of learning. An experienced anime artist trains and develops an aspiring artist by working together on projects. By building a network of anime artists, the Anime Art Museum will make this unique experience available to our artists internationally, allowing anime artists who live far apart a place to come together for the sharing and learning of anime culture. Below are the different types of mentor opportunities available to our members.


Prestige Mentoring
The Prestige Mentor has spent 5 or more years working in the anime industry. Open apprenticeship positions depend on the availability of the Mentor. Mentees should be ready to take their professional career to the next level under the guidance of the Mentor.
Professional Mentoring
The Professional Mentor has spent 1-5 years working in the anime industry. Mentees should expect to garner experience of a professional level and work on portfolio and resume building as well as networking with the Professional Mentors colleagues. Acceptance into this mentee position is left to the Mentor’s digression.
Senpai Mentoring
The Senpai (or “senior”) Mentor has taken classes with the AAM and is well equipped to help their juniors develop their own style. We encourage our younger members to become Senpai Mentors to build leadership skills that they will be able to use in their future. We provide guidelines on how to be a mentor and begin accepting applications for mentors as young as 14 years of age.
Anime Tutor Connection
The Anime Tutor Connection finds online academic tutors of any subject matter who watch anime and connect them with students at our museum. By providing students with tutors that have a shared interest, we can enhance student engagement and further improve their understanding. We are accepting applications from tutors of any background (science, math, technology, engineering, reading, writing, languages, history, martial arts, etc.)
What does it take to become a mentor?
All we ask is that our mentors have spent a significant amount of time studying and/or practicing any manifestation of anime; that could be anime/manga illustrators, video game character designers, writers, cosplay creators, amigurumi creators, crafters, Japanese language tutors, voice actors, animators, bento designers, or anything under the anime sun. Please visit our Ani-MADE page for a more detailed list.

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