Maggie Zawoy

Photographed by Maggie Zawoy

Anime Artist & Author

Age: 14
Location: North Florida, United States
Occupation: Student
Tools of the Trade: (Traditional) Koi watercolor and canvas / (Digital) Photoshop Elements 2.0, Paint Tool Sai 1.0, MS Paint
Brief Bio: Hello! My name is Maggie and I have been drawing for nine years! I have loved fantasy stories of all genres as long as I have lived and always dreamed of the magnificent worlds and creatures described in them. The incredible imagery triggers the itch in my hands to create. I dream also of working in animation and creating my own story to share with others one day.
Examples of Maggie's Anime Art:
tumblr_inline_n7dx51rcaG1ri916ytumblr_n3y5y2uf5s1sfaj1go1_500Allegra and Scarlette

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