Learning through the Arts


The Anime Art Museum is creating a reliable learning option for those seeking to study anime art. We are also utilizing the popularity of anime to enhance academic learning in schools. Recent studies have shown that by integrating arts into the academic learning process, students increase their interest while visuals help them retain information. By including anime in school studies, we are incorporating an art form that has been successfully captivating the youth at home. If we can harness what excites our youth outside of the classroom, we can access the energy they put towards their favorite hobbies
and use it to increase their learning potential exponentially.
We address these areas of need in the following ways: manga (Japanese comics) used for varied levels of reading comprehension as well as introduction of new vocabulary, analysis of clips from anime cartoons for listening comprehension, and use of comics with blank text bubbles to stimulate a child’s desire to write. We’re also creating educational coloring books free to schools.
In addition to offering educational programs within our facility, we have customized our materials to be available to schools, organizations, and academic institutions worldwide in the form of day-, week-, or month-long classes that can be modified to meet the needs of the organization.




If you are interested in incorporating Learning through the Arts in your school or organization, contact us to get started.

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