Host an Event

Speaking at Convetions

We at the Anime Art Museum are making our resources available to the community beyond what can be seen in our gallery and on this website. We have created classes and presentations that can be given at schools and libraries. Take a look at the educational events that you can host at your school or organization.

HOST A CLASS: While we transition to a new facility and continue to offer our classes online, we would love to continue to offer our group classes to the community. Should you have a space that you would like to use to host an anime art class, we would love to work with you! Don’t forget to ask which classes are available before scheduling your class!
HOST A WORKSHOP: Our network of anime professionals continues to grow. With the wide array of anime experts becoming a part of the anime art movement, we want to provide your school, organization, or office with the opportunity to invite one of our professionals to you. Our workshops include a presentation, Q&A session, and an activity for your members.
HOST A TRAVELING EXHIBIT: The museum will send one of our experienced instructors to conduct informational sessions, interactive workshops, and set up a display of artwork providing students or organization members with an up-close experience with anime art. Topics covered include anime seen on television, video games, comics (manga), and the culture of art forms inspired by anime. We also offer the ability for you to select a topic of anime to be covered. By the end of the session, any student who is an anime artist or is interested in exploring a new craft is invited to join the museum and create an artist page on the museum website. Click here to read more!

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