Our Gallery

Currently, our physical gallery is in transition while we prepare to relocate to our new facility. Below is our latest gallery display, an exhibit called “The Art of Discovery” featuring work by our founder, Carmen Marrero-Akin.


“‘The Art of Discovery’ chronicles the discovery and exposure to Japanese culture as experienced through anime. Each piece visually captures modern elements of Japanese culture through traditional Japanese brush painting, as well as traditional elements of Japanese culture through modern illustrative techniques (manga-style inking and digital freehand illustration).”


Our Sand

Sand Garden Banner
At the Anime Art Museum, we’ve created an environment that allows our visitors to step out of their busy lives and into our calm, Zen-like, location. Our guests are invited to step into our sand and “Leave Their Tracks” on our one-of-a-kind flooring.


BarefootCatDrawing1CatDrawing2Sneaker Sparkle2014-10-06-13-22-49LizardTracks

Stop by and leave your tracks!



Should you be interested in submitting your artwork to the Anime Art Museum, click here for the Submission Form and Release Form.

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