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We strive to make anime art, in all its forms, accessible to those who are new and unfamiliar with the
style. Through the following activities and events, we are giving communities the opportunity
to enrich their schools, organizations, and individuals with anime art and the vibrant
Japanese culture that inspired it.



PAST & PRESENT ACTIVITIES: Thanks to a generous donation of space from Big Brothers Big Sisters of Mid-Florida and supplies to build our gallery from North Central Florida YMCA, the museum began displaying anime artwork and offering educational programs. In addition to attracting regular visits, guest book signatures, e-mail list sign-ups, and the interest of local schools and students, the museum hosted tours for special interest clubs (anime and sci-fi) and schools, and led countless free workshops and classes. The museum continues to offer free one-hour workshops, tours, and classes. The museum is expanding its reach by offering classes and workshops locally and online.
Outside Location


GUIDED TOURS: Admission into the museum is free and upon request, one of our receptionists will provide a guided tour for your group. The museum has welcomed schools and clubs into our gallery, followed a free drawing workshop.
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SCHOOL VISITS: We are more than happy to bring our educational presentations to schools and clubs. We are extremely thankful and humbled to have been invited to Oak Hall School in Gainesville, FL for a one-hour presentation and Q&A.
School Visits


CONVENTION SPEAKING: It is our pleasure to attend convention panels and speak about anime. We specialize in educating on the cultural, ideological, and artistic aspects of anime. The museum’s own ED, Carmen Marrero-Akin, recently attended the Fandomonium Convention hosted by the Alachua County Library in Gainesville, FL.
Speaking at Convetions



To continue providing educational services to the community, the following events will be forthcoming in the Anime Art Museum.

ANI-MEET: Ani-MEETs are gatherings for anime aficionados complete with interactive work stations. Ani-MEETs focus on the educational aspect of conventions, hosting lectures, panels, Q&A sessions, workshops, and networking opportunities. A small exhibit of art work will be on display as well.
ANIME THEATER: There is no shortage of documentaries on anime culture as it exists today. What better place to collect and feature these films than the Anime Art Museum? As a hub for anime arts learning, the Museum will not only host these film showings, but provide a live stream online, making these films available to viewers internationally. The theater space will be equipped with the capabilities of showing anime films, making presentations, hosting lectures, and exhibiting animation created by our students.
LECTURES: Professionals and specialists in the anime world are found internationally. The cultural aspect of anime is one of the most appealing points to anime fans. Visitors will have the chance to obtain new insight into a culture that has been sensationalized and an art form that has yet to be taken seriously, an unforgettable experience to share as a community.
TRAVELING EXHIBITS: The Museum will send one of our experienced instructors to any school or organization to conduct informational sessions and interactive workshops. Topics covered include anime seen on television, video games, comics (manga), and the culture of art forms inspired by anime. By the end of the session, any student who is an anime artist or is interested in exploring a new craft is invited to join the museum and create an artist page on the Museum website. The Traveling Exhibit involves displaying art pieces from our collection, providing students or organization members with an up-close experience with anime art. Read more by clicking here!
VISITING ARTISTS: The visiting artists’ exhibits will spotlight the works of a specific artist or theme, ranging from local to international artists. The Museum exists to give anime artists a dedicated space to showcase their work. We are particularly excited to introduce recurring exhibits featuring the work of beginning anime artists and strive to shed light on the artists who have been teaching themselves the style independently and still meet complex style standards.

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