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Materials Custom Made for Kids!


Our youth are the most familiar with anime art, having grown up while broadcasting of anime on television was (and still is) at its highest—a point in time that started in the mid-1990s known as the “Anime Boom.” Our youth are therefore the most receptive to the integration of the anime art in their learning environment, and for this reasons, we are creating material that is both fun and educational. The materials offered here can be printed out and enjoyed by children and parents together, absolutely free!


Coloring Books
Our artists are creating educational coloring books that incorporate lessons on values and safety for children. Check back for new additions to our printable collection of PDF coloring books and single coloring pages! Below are two samples of anime coloring books created for S.A.F.E.ID4FAMILIES. (Click the thumbnail to download the PDFs).

Bullying Cover

Bullying Prevention
Coloring Book

Safety Awareness Cover

Safety Awareness
Coloring Book

Drawing Videos
We produce anime drawing tutorial videos in-house and will be posting them here for at-home drawing practice with the available option of emailing pictures and scans of your drawings to our instructors for feedback.
Manga-Zine for Kids
Here, we introduce children to a style of Japanese comics similar to the Funnies in your local Sunday newspapers: Yonkoma Manga, or four-panel manga. Yonkoma Manga is a vertical comic strip consisting of four panels, with a punch line at the end. Our Kids’ Manga-Zine will feature Yonkoma Manga submitted by artists, as well as blank panels for children to create their own comics at the end. The mini-zine will also feature information for readers to submit their own Yonkoma Manga and have it featured in the next issue.

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