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Welcome to our bulletin board! Here you will find announcements from the Anime Art Museum as well as the community. If you have an announcement you’d like for us to share, please e-mail it to us at ask@animeartmuseum.org

The Anime Art Museum is seeking ANIME ARTISTS
who wish to gain exposure for their work and join
our network of our artists, while being showcased
on our website.

In addition, we are seeking self-motivated individuals
for volunteer, internships, and paid positions in the
following departments:

Anime Art Instructors - Event Coordinators
Grant Writing - Graphic Design
Host a Workshop - Marketing
Presenters for the Traveling Exhibits
Programming - Production Coordinator
Public Relations - Research
Social Media - Software Development

Effective January 26, 2015, the AAM gallery located
on 1155 NW 13th St, Gainesville, FL 32601, has closed.
All upcoming appointments will continue uninterrupted.
Our 1-hour FREE workshop is still available to individual
youth and adult participation.

Due to the overwhelmingly positive response we have
received regarding our existing and forthcoming programs
at the Anime Art Museum, our needs for our new facility
have changed. In addition to a museum gallery, we are now
pursuing promising additions to our facility that will further
promote the learning of every manifestation of anime art culture.
Read more about our exciting additions here!

Looking to be published? Already have a completed
manga, light novel manuscript, collection of yonkoma
manga strips, or even just an idea you'd like to nurture
and set in motion? Feeling like you have a potential
blockbuster? Contact us.

We are seeking anime coloring books for children
containing eight (8) pages that deal with social issues,
in an educational manner. Examples include: presenting
easy-to-understand ways to say no to drugs, saving
water at home, understanding climate change, learning
about and overcoming racism, to name a few. This can be
your first step in character development and learning
about publishing.

Are you a fan of anime? Can you distinguish anime art
from other forms of cartoon art? We are seeking
instructors for our Introduction to Anime classes.
Drawing skill not required, but preferred. Send a letter to
ask@animeartmuseum.org. This is a paid position.

We are seeking advanced instructors for our various
online classes. If you specialize in anime art, including
but not limited to character design, video game illustration,
mecha drawing, historic costume, cosplay creation, or any
specialties listed on our Ani-MADE webpage, please
submit a letter and samples of your work to
ask@animeartmuseum.org. This is a paid position.

Are you charismatic? Do you have exceptional presentation
skills? We are seeking presenters for our traveling exhibit
and presentation
in schools. Submit a resume and samples
of your artwork (not required by preferred) to
ask@animeartmuseum.org. This is a paid position.

Do you have a design for an action figure or model?
An idea for a merchandizing line that could be the next
Transformers? Contact us about getting started!

If you're interesting in helping the Anime Art Museum
move forward and are wondering how you can get
involved, the following is a list of departments needing
self-motivated individuals to help us grow: Fundraising,
Outreach, Marketing, Grant Writing, Graphic Design /
Programming, Presenters for the Traveling Exhibits,
Social Media, and Research. We have both volunteer
and paid positions available. Read more about how
you can become involved with the AAM here!

The Anime Art Museum's "Next Gen Museum" is the
future of museums. By creating a program that is
interactive and available online, we are increasing the
amount of people who are able to learn about and
appreciate the arts. This is more than a slide show, more
than a touring program. We are seeking a team of
creative designers, programmers, and software
developers to help bring the Next Gen Museum to

Have you been posting your original manga comics
online? Become a member at the Anime Art Museum
and we'll feature your work throughout multiple social
media outlets!

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