Artist Services


EXPOSURE: One of the hardest aspects of being an artist is gaining exposure for your body of work. Since anime has yet to be recognized as an art form, this can be even more of a difficult task. Our program will make publishing and networking easily accessible to anime artists anywhere. Anime artists may explore our artist pages, submit exhibit proposals, and have their work shared through our social media outlets and printed productions. Should you be interested in submitting your artwork to our collection, click here for the Submission Form and Release Form and email the completed forms to this address.
PRINTING: When considering seeing your work in print, there are many options to consider. We want to make sure our artists know all of their options and can see their work produced at the highest quality. For art prints, we will be offering in the form of lithographs, limited edition sets, giclée printing, and more. Once an artist has printed their work with us, we also provide a space and network where that work can be seen and potentially sold should the artist so choose. In addition to art prints, our artists have the option to print onto t-shirts and bags. Whatever path our artists choose, they can expect thorough guidance and quality assurance throughout the entire process. (Upcoming)
PUBLISHING: When it comes to creations of manga, light novels, storyboards, and artwork compilation books, we extend to all anime artists the opportunity to publish their work. Contact us if you’re considering publishing. (Upcoming)
SHOWCASING: (Online display) Create an artist page that will be published on our website, as well as being posted to our social media outlets! (In house display;  upcoming) In order to offer the best services to our artists, the Anime Art Museum will offer “showcase presentation,” which will provide the artists’ work with our unique methods of framing. At the Anime Art Museum, framing is more than just a means of protecting the piece; it also impacts the presentation and reception of the piece. We work together with the artists to bring to life their vision.


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